Resources for students undergoing UCAS applications are placed here.

Year 12s – starting the process of applying

Download and take your time looking and thinking through this University University Application powerpoint from the PSHE session.

When you’ve done several weeks of research you’ll need some group discussions about your progress. Your teachers can use this circle discussion lesson powerpoint to help.

(In the weeks after this you will need to narrow down your choice and be asked to write some of it down and / or be interviewed by tutors about your reasoning.)

Year 13s – making a choice between options

Try this UCAS Decider. It will help you choose between options once you have offers, and you can include non-uni routes / options too. The decider asks you to choose what features of your options matter, and to weight them for relative importance. It then crunches the numbers for you. Use it as a discussion tool with parents and tutors, or by yourself. It WON’T decide for you, but it will help you work through the numbers – play around. You might not realise yet what matters to you, and this will help you decide that.

If you like, there’s a video tutorial on YouTube of how to use it. The quality’s not great, but if your teaching is looking in class with access to the school network, here’s a clearer version.

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