If you are not a DBS student, or a DBS student wanting more support than your allowance, I provide private tutoring support. Please email me for details of how I can help you transform your application and catapult you up the tree in terms of university prospects.

The difference between successfully attaining a place at a good university and having to either go lower down the uni pecking order, or not get a place at all, is vast – likely, a difference of hundreds of thousands of pounds / dollars over your working career; not to mention that those in better-paid jobs statistically live longer, are healthier, and have comfortably higher rates of life satisfaction. The correlation between lifetime pay / career success, and entry to the best universities, is incredibly strong. The gateway from school to uni represents the single most significant factor in your life and career success that you will ever go through; so don’t you want to excel as much as possible in this process? Don’t you want an advantage over your peers? Investing in high-quality support through this process at this stage will repay itself many times over your lifetime.

Contact me if you want support for any of the following:

  • UK (UCAS) personal statement writing
  • Oxbridge, Ivy League or other interview training
  • Oxbridge, Ivy League, medicine, engineering or law application planning from an early stage (planning for these ought to start before 15 years old)
  • IB support for Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge (EE/TOK) – the IB tasks designed to filter the most independent students for universities
  • support US or other university entry essays or projects
  • SAT preparation (or ACT or other), strategy and training
  • general careers or subject advice, or guidance on the future jobs market

Tutoring support can be individual or include parents. You need the best personal statement tutor in Dubai; the best SAT tutor in Dubai; the best careers advisor in Dubai; the best Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League tutor. Email me to arrange a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs. Investing a little in your future now could give you a massive advantage over the peers with whom you are competing. And believe me, they are competing with you right now – whether you know it or not.

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