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DIAC visit

DIAC is the gathering of several international university campuses near Silicon Oasis in Dubai. They have an educational team who are coming to deliver an hour-long presentation to all 6Fs in PSHE on Sunday 25th Sept.

The following week, starting 2nd Oct, is a “Week of Welcome” at all the universities in DIAC. We’re going to be organising a 6F trip of about half a day. The presumption is that it will be opt-out for year 12 (i.e. most of you will come), but opt-in for year 13 (we expect fewer to come as most of you will already be close to making final choices, whereas the 12s will be just starting to think about this.) There will be a small cost to cover the transport.

I’ll introduce the presentation and talk more about the value of going to university open days like this when DIAC visit on the 25th, but it’s worth bearing in mind two things:

  1. Visiting any university helps get a real sense of how they work and what kind of features you are looking for. This will help guide your future choices even if they don’t include that university itself. Note that most UK-based A-level students will be going on plenty of these days.
  2. Traditionally, DBS students have not studied at universities in Dubai – but with fees in the UK about to triple-at-a-stroke in many cases – are you absolutely sure you don’t want to consider a local university and staying at home? You don’t need to make this decision now, but you should at least look at and consider local universities. Later in the year you’ll hear a lot more about budgeting and financial planning, and this will come up there.

Letter and more details to follow – watch this space.