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Oxbridge and Ivy League success!

Two significant firsts for DBS this month: for the first time we’ve got year 13 students into Oxbridge and Ivy League universities. Congratulations to Charlotte Ryan, off to study Land Economy at Cambridge (Newnham College) and Head Boy Michael Ayad, destined for Johns Hopkins to study Pre-med. Both had tough interviews in which they would have had to excel – for the first year this year we were able to provide in-depth interview training beforehand, a development we intend to continue in future years. In fact, for current year 12 and 11s we’re already planning a longer-running preparation programme so that our most able students have Oxbridge and Ivy League universities in their sights from much sooner, and thus are able to prepare better.

It’s difficult to over-emphasise how few students get into these extremely elite universities and how effective the preparation may be – so if you’re a very able student as young as year 9, or a parent of such a student, feel free to make contact and ask about how to get on this path to success.

We’ve also not had students go on to Medicine courses at other prestigious UK universities before, but have a number of applications currently awaiting outcomes of interviews or application this year – again, careful preparation, close support by relevant subject and pastoral staff and interview training has been provided in full. We hope to have yet more positive news to report in this area very soon!

Careers interviews for year 13

Not many folks will realise this but a number of our most able year 13s have been doing mock interviews in preparation for the real university interviews for the most highly competitive subjects – medicine, Oxbridge, Ivy League.

I thought we’d open a comment box here about the process so that if anyone has anything to say it could be shared. If you’re either a professional with a role in interviewing and recruitment (whether or not you were able to take part as a panellist in our mock interviews), or a parent who went through these type of interviews yourself and can recollect the experience to comment on it, or most of all if you’re one of the students who’ve been through our seminars and mock interviews – please leave a comment reply below sharing your thoughts about this process and how students in the future need to best prepare for it.