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Recent BBC Careers articles

This morning I’ve been looking through the recent BBC Careers posts and it’s worth taking a glance at the two that follow. They don’t make the most heartening reading for young people, but that’s all the more reason you should read them.

Start with this analysis about how Marx was right about the flaws of modern Capitalism, how secure middle-class jobs – probably like those your parents hold – are disappearing. (Remember this is the very centrist BBC talking, not some left-wing rag. When they say there are no good jobs left, you ought to worry.)

If it cheers you up after that, read “Dragons’ Den” guru Deborah Meaden’s guide to getting a job in a difficult market. This is aimed at those in their 20s, rather than current school students, but look ahead – could you put yourself in a good position in advance to beat this kind of market?

There is no question that the vast majority of current school-leavers, leaving with good qualifications, face a much sterner task building successful and profitable careers than your parents ever did. Be as prepared as you can!

Oh – and – did I mention you will probably not be able to retire until 70 at the earliest?