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A-level options evening

Here’s the powerpoint for year 11s from today’s assembly, on how the options process works for A-level. Look particularly at the first “Careers issues” page, which gives you some sense of how certain subjects link to certain careers.

Remember that this is just the first, cursory, overview summary of things. Much more detail will be available from Miss Kelly in the Options Evening this coming Wednesday.

In addition – book a slot to come and chat privately to me about your options before then. You don’t need a concrete idea what you want to do in order to have a Careers Support Meeting – in fact, they’re often just a chance to think aloud with a trained adult as a sounding board for your ideas.

Your parents – as I will say frankly to them at the Options Evening – are both the best, and the worst, source of advice. They have oodles of knowledge about their industries, the process of applying for and doing jobs, the ability to construct a career, the sense of what real companies need, and the real-world practicalities about salaries and living costs. At the same time, their knowledge of the education system is often very much out of date, gleaned from (politically biased and misrepresentative) newspapers, and whilst they are usually excellent judges of you as people, may not always be a good judge of you and your prospects as a student. It’s critical to talk and listen to them – but with a pinch of salt, and combine their advice with teachers and near-peers in older year groups.

Above all – come to the Options Evening, and make sure your parents come too. See you there.

Careers Support Meetings

Now I’ve horrified you all about the state of the jobs market for your generation – come and talk about it with me. I’m Mr. Drennan, and I’m based in 003.

DBS are opening up “Careers Support Meetings” around the school year for any student wishing to talk about and plan for their future. The meetings are casual, friendly and supportive rather than critical, and confidential if you like.

The three available slots are Tues p1, Weds p3 and Wednesday lunchtime. (Obviously only Sixth Formers “free” at that time can come to the first two.) Each slot is divided into 3 short slots. You book a slot simply by coming down to room 003 and putting your name, surname and year group in any free slot in the sheet on the door. You can book up to three weeks ahead. Or you can just try turning up – there might be a slot available on the spot.

Initially, 6F and 11s will have priority; 10s and below will get support offered later in the year.

You’re not committing yourself to anything by coming, and it could make all the difference to a successful future for you. Come and tell me your plans – or let’s talk about what they might start to be if you don’t yet have any!