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The future is in your hands!!

A message from Miss Hunter

Dear all Year 11 and 12 Students

As we progress towards the end of the year I look forward to seeing you all at our Futures Week next week in my new role as Head of Careers and University Counselling.  Attend all sessions possible to get the most out of the week and enjoy the experiences that are on offer to you. Whether you are planning on going to University in the UAE, UK or elsewhere in the world our university trips will not only let you see what is on offer to you in the UAE but allow you to experience what University is like.  There will also be numerous opportunities for you to listen to and ask questions to our guest speakers who represent a variety of Businesses in the UAE who will be sharing not only what their job involves but the road they took to get there.

Read more on our speaker events or about our whole programme.

This week is vital preparation for next year and your understanding of what choices are available to you.  I welcome your questions and feedback next week. Or email me in advance with any queries!

Year 8 work shadowing

All year 8 students will be participating in our “Work shadowing” for three days (Sunday 7th to Tuesday 9th December inclusive.) During these days they will be going to work with either parent, or with another trusted adult if their parent approves (there will be no lessons or school provision and all students will be expected to participate.) The progamme is run by Mr. Wright, the head of year 8. If you missed Mr. Wright’s original letter, you can find a copy on the Work shadowing page. Future relevant materials will be posted here too including, shortly, some suggestions for parents as to how to make the experience most beneficial to your son / daughter.

Work shadowing is the new first step in our programme of enabling students to understand, prepare for and access the world of work. It has become increasingly important to have a clear idea about work routes, for the following reasons:

  • the job market is far more competitive than it once was, including for those who have degrees and “higher level” skills sets
  • universities are more expensive than ever and likely to rise in cost further still, so a change of mind becomes very costly
  • it is becoming the norm / minimum requirement to have work experience as soon as possible (in some industries, to avoid interning for free for years after graduating)

So we want students to have a multi-stage experience of the world of work, which looks like this:

  1. Year 8: three-day Work shadowing with a parent to give a brief initial introduction.
  2. Year 10: two-week intensive Work experience with one or (usually) two different companies.
  3. Year 12/13: extended internships competitively available (programme to be launched soon) for a handful of students, part-time and lasting several weeks.

Taken together, this “ladder” gives students an excellent and ever-deeper understanding of work in context, and should make university and future career choices better-informed.

Keep an eye on the Work shadowing page for more details!

Dubai Universities Fair

There’s a Universities Fair in Dubai next week – suitable for anyone of about age 13 upwards who may be planning for the future. It’s 5-9pm Thursday evening and 3-9pm on Friday and Saturday at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The phone number to find out more is 04 3355001