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Post-exams week

On the week starting Sunday 3rd June, the first after Study Leave finishes, Year 12s will be devoting the whole week to preparing for the next stage of their career after A-level. For some this will mean planning placements, experience or applications for full-time employment, while most will be planning a conventional university application. (Even so, the changes to fees have made the “automatic conveyor belt” to UK universities for British-passport-holding students no longer such an automatic choice, and everyone ought to be considering worldwide universities.)

The week will be devoted to

  • choosing universities
  • writing personal statements
  • organising work placements to enhance CVs

To aid students in making these choices, we have organised two trips in the week Рto DIAC (the universities in Dubai), on Tuesday Рand to NYU in Abu Dhabi on Thursday. Both trips return before the end of the school day and cost 40AED each for transport costs only. Download the letter, including the booking slip, and complete and return it (cash only) to the Head of Careers as soon as possible Рthere is some competition for places.

Not only will the visits enable students to get a good “feel” for universities (the facilities, the lifestyle, the workload), to ask relevant questions of Admissions Directors and meet real students, they will provide a refreshing break in the week to enable students to think clearly and continue to develop their choice effectively. I strongly recommend all students go on both trips – but make sure you book at least one. (Students not attending a trip on a given day will instead be working at school with staff supervision on their personal statements.)

High-grade challenges: know the field

If you’re considering any of the really super-competitive routes in Higher Education – say, any course at Oxbridge or any top Law course – take a look at the following useful articles:

  • turns out the secret of getting into law is not specific legal knowledge but the power of your critical thinking and ability to apply it to new material
  • getting into Oxbridge still looks a bit loaded against you if you’re from state schools in the UK, no matter how bright you are¬†– justifiable or not (I think it’s not and there is bias in the system) you need to learn to play this by interviewing well

Bear in mind that AAA is the minimum for either of these routes and A*AA is now the common offer. Come talk to me if either of these routes are of interest to you.