YEAR 11 STUDENTS –  updated October 2014

Decide well before the official options process starts what your likely A-levels will be. Most should choose 4, the very able 5. Remember you need to be getting B (and probably A) to consider a subject. Here’s the powerpoint from PSHE. Most will be specialising more now, but don’t choose ALL the same kind of subjects – have some variety and colour. If it helps you, (though there’s no need to send copies to tutors or me), here’s the choosing A-levels resource for you guys to plan ahead.

Don’t forget to come and seek advice at the open clinic – and don’t leave it too late.

I’ll publish the options booklet here shortly, so go to the top-right and Follow Blog Via Email so you know when it’s put up.



(Updated 2013 – not yet updated for 2014)

Here are page 1 and page 2 of the self-reflection worksheet for YEAR 9 STUDENTS choosing GCSE options. Remember to complete copies and email back to relevant staff (tutors, key stage leaders, dbscareers email.) After you’ve done this – why not start reading through the options booklet on the school network in full? And don’t miss your appointment with Mrs Jackson-Hall when it’s scheduled.

Here’s the Careers / Options information powerpoint that goes with them, and here’s the old GCSE Options booklet (the new one will come later.)

Here’s the Active Reflections PSHE exercise for later in the year, at options time in January.


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