Meetings at our open clinic are possible for students, parents, or partner organisations offering services, although there is a priority order of access.

Seeing the Head of Careers and University Counselling

There is a Careers Clinic on Monday mornings from 7.45 – 9.15am (before school, registration and p1.) This is open attendance and no prior bookings can be made. It is held in room 203 (ask reception for directions if you are coming from outside school.) Separate appointments at other times are not possible. On occasion the clinic will periodically be cancelled at short notice  – our apologies if so – this will only be in case of staff unavailability.

Help is time-limited to ten-minute sessions if there is a queue, and it is NOT first-come-first-served – priority is given on this basis:

  1. Urgent deadline cases (IF you have made prior contact and not caused the urgency / delay yourself.)
  2. Visiting parents who may have limited time availability.
  3. “Elite” groups who face more demanding entry criteria (eg Oxbridge, Ivy League, medicine etc.)
  4. Current priority groups (eg if options deadlines are approaching.)
  5. New visitors attending for the first time (whatever year group.)
  6. Year groups in descending order: 13 then 12 then 11 etc. (The clinic is only open to year 11 and above, except for year 9 during the GCSE options window.)
  7. External companies or contractors wishing to pitch services or products.

In addition, some allowance will be made to place lower down the list those who have had plenty of support already, or who have failed to act on advice given. The decision of the HCUC as to priority order is final. Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed as the clinic is an open support session in a classroom which may have others waiting.

Also please note that work on UCAS personal statements should remain with the normal supporting staff member. Careers advice can complement this but students completing UCAS statements should continue to work with their allocated teacher, and / or Key Stage Leader.

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