UPDATE: presentation assembly information for students from 13th October 2014: Internships

From late 2014, we will be running a Sixth Form Internship Programme. Application for places is down to students’ own initiative, and winning a place is competitive versus other students. In due course we may open the right to apply to other schools’ students too. The internships will enable students to build industry experience, enhance their CV for university application, and enable the school to write a stronger reference for you. Employers expect skilled and committed interns and you will need to show you can provide significant positive value in order to secure a placement.

Information for employers: DBS Internship Info for employers draft 2

Contract both employer and student will be agreeing to by taking part in the scheme: DBS Student Internship draft 2

At the start of January 2015 we will post a document here containing summary information about the employers taking part; it will be from this list that students select which placements to apply for. (There will be no limit on the number of applications you make.)

Students will need to apply using this form (returning it directly to the employer by email): DBS Internship Application Form (unless the employer-provided  information specifies that you must use their own application form or other method of application.)


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