This page is for DBS Futures Week 2015, which runs in the last week of summer term (21st-25th June) for year 12s (and year 11s who opt in.)

Here is the summary of the week, and you should read this carefully first to understand its purpose and structure: Futures Week 2015

TIMETABLE inc UNI TRIPS: please note that you must complete the simple contact details form (see link in this document) if you are to come on ANY trip. You will also need to complete the trip letters. Here is the programme for the week: Futures Week Timetable draft 2 (updated to reflect question of drinking during Ramadan hours.)

For those who have not had the hard copy of the trip letter, please print, sign and return this ASAP: Futures Week Trip Letter

OPTIONAL SESSIONS: Sunday and Wednesday each contain one compulsory session for all students (“top and tail”) and a rich, varied and complicated programme of optional speakers – with 2-3 speakers in each slot. You can choose between these on the day (no need to decide in advance) but you should look up these speakers, their companies and something about their industries, in advance, in order to get the most from these opportunities: Futures Week 2015 Speakers draft 3 (updated to reflect minor changes in profile requested by speakers; no changes in slots.)


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