LATEST INFO (26/3/2014)

More details FAQs about why the trip is organised like it is: European uni trip 2014 parent FAQs (Can you show me the route please?)

Key details about the trip: download, print, fully complete in hard copy and return THIS CRITICAL DOCUMENT to Mr. Drennan: DBS university study tour booking form draft 6

Please ensure you:

(a) check if your son / daughter has an exam during 21st – 28th June before you select option A, B, C or D

(b) return the document and the first payment this week (by Sunday 30th March 2014) to Mr. Drennan in person to definitely secure a place

Please feel free to email me any questions.


Information for parents (including how to reserve a place): UK EU university tour parent student info

Powerpoint for the assembly (including overview information and possible route): UK Europe uni tour presentation

Tour is first-come-first-served at this stage (expressions of interest.) Later expressions will be reserves on the list and will be able to join at the payment stage if some of those initially expressing interest drop out at that stage.

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