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Study outside of the UK?

I’ve talked before about the importance of considering study outside of the UK, and indeed have specifically recommended Holland, where fees are much lower now than the UK and yet courses are still taught in English and internationally well-recognised.

Looks like the news caught up.

With fees now as high as they are, even British students preparing to make a university choice ought to consider Continental European university options.

High-grade challenges: know the field

If you’re considering any of the really super-competitive routes in Higher Education – say, any course at Oxbridge or any top Law course – take a look at the following useful articles:

  • turns out the secret of getting into law is not specific legal knowledge but the power of your critical thinking and ability to apply it to new material
  • getting into Oxbridge still looks a bit loaded against you if you’re from state schools in the UK, no matter how bright you are¬†– justifiable or not (I think it’s not and there is bias in the system) you need to learn to play this by interviewing well

Bear in mind that AAA is the minimum for either of these routes and A*AA is now the common offer. Come talk to me if either of these routes are of interest to you.

Year 12s starting their future planning

Whether you’re intending to go to university or straight into employment, and no matter which country you’re thinking of university-wise if that’s your route, this whole process is about two things:

  • selecting with great care exactly the right route for yourself and making those applications, and
  • using the excitement about your future to motivate yourself to be the best you can right now, because you are facing raw and brutal levels of competition from right across the world.

You can download and review the powerpoint from the PSHE session on 7/2/12, or find out how to book a meeting with me to talk about your future. (Note that you can also invite your parents to meet with me if it helps them or you think through the process.)

In the meanwhile, make sure you’re following this blog (use the sign up by email feature on the right) and that you’re already using your spare time to start to look at universities online. Most will have their prospectuses as downloadable PDFs.

Why not start at the Guardian’s 2012¬†league table of British universities?