Careers interviews for year 13

Not many folks will realise this but a number of our most able year 13s have been doing mock interviews in preparation for the real university interviews for the most highly competitive subjects – medicine, Oxbridge, Ivy League.

I thought we’d open a comment box here about the process so that if anyone has anything to say it could be shared. If you’re either a professional with a role in interviewing and recruitment (whether or not you were able to take part as a panellist in our mock interviews), or a parent who went through these type of interviews yourself and can recollect the experience to comment on it, or most of all if you’re one of the students who’ve been through our seminars and mock interviews – please leave a comment reply below sharing your thoughts about this process and how students in the future need to best prepare for it.

One response to “Careers interviews for year 13

  1. Sixth Former

    The ‘seminars’ are really beneficial to anyone who has already considered what they are going to study at university, as the focus is generally on interview skills and idealistic and rounded answers.
    The one I was involved in had students who wish to study medicine, pharmacy and land economy, which provided an especially stimulating group discussion about techniques in interview. This continued into a provocative interview session which was highly enjoyable, but more importantly a great insight into the types of questions that would be focused on in the real thing. Each student took on a (sometimes highly) dramatised role of a panel member, and we questioned the interviewee relentlessly, especially on their motivation, ambition, and goals. This task enabled the candidates to get an insight to how the real interviews would be and it provided a good basis to assess their understanding, and in some cases, the actual interview would be a massive relief as the panelists (interviewers) were particularly ruthless.

    I also attended the mock interviews with a panel of parents. This was a more realistic idea of how an interview would actually pan out, it was in the company of complete strangers, the timing was much longer (30 mins) and a requirement was to be smartly dressed. This style of interview was especially challenging, and just as constructive as the peer review interview. I just want to thank all the parents who took their time to help all those who had mock interviews, it was very much appreciated. It has been an instrumental tool in our understanding of specific weaknesses we may have to work on as preparation for the upcoming interviews. It was a pleasure to be involved in both the seminars and the mock interviews.

    A further thanks to Mr Drennan for providing the foundations for our future education. His sound careers advice and willingness to help has been fundamental to many of the sixth form students at DBS. Without his persistence in providing us with interview/careers advice and techniques, a lot of us wouldn’t be achieving nearly as much, so a massive thank you.

    Furthermore, if any parents are willing and able to do a similar interview scenario for students who still wish to be interviewed, kindly contact the school as only a couple of hours of your time can have a major impact on a couple of student’s lives. I, for one, found the experience, although terrifying, extremely beneficial and a great help to my understanding.